October 5, 2021

The 10 Benefits of a Strong Core, According to Trainers

Strong Core in your mind might make you picture someone doing a lot of crunches to build their muscles. Laura Pachnos, a teacher at solidcore, yoga, and Pilates, says that building strength in your core is more than just a physical appearance. It can also help you do everyday tasks more easily and improve your overall health.

Byrdie is told that core work is at the heart of all movement. A strong core is more important than being able to hold a plank for a long time. It’s a key part of a healthy lifestyle.”

Building core strength doesn’t mean doing a lot of sit-ups. Dale Santiago, a certified personal trainer, says that it is important to work your core in a variety of ways to build abdominal strength. To get the most out of your core strength, he suggests adding in standing core moves and planks to keep it fresh.

What are the benefits? Below, Byrdie hears from trainers about the benefits.


  • Laura Pachnos is a solidcore instructor and a yoga and Pilates teacher.
  • Dale Santiago is a personal trainer certified based in New York City.

It Supports Better Posture

Pachnos says that your core doesn’t consist of just the six-pack ab muscles at your front. It wraps around your whole body, including your back and sides. It is important to have strong core muscles, especially those that attach to your spine. This will help you maintain a good posture and keep your body upright.

Bonus: Bonus: If this is the case, take a break from sitting for long periods and move around.

It Improves Balance

Pachnos says that core strength and a good posture are also beneficial for balance. Because you can stay on solid ground and recover from falls, it makes it easier to maintain your balance. Byrdie says that it creates an equilibrium within your body. You stand taller and feel more balanced throughout your body.

It Supports Good Running Form

A better balance is another perk. Santiago says that it’s easier to recover from mistakes and keep your stride when you’re jogging. He says that a strong core helps you maintain solid form while running. He explains that core strength allows the pelvis and hips to work more seamlessly together, with less rocking and more energy expended. This is good news for your next run. However, it can also help you avoid injury or strain as you log miles.

It Increases Stability

Santiago says that a strong torso will help you stay steady, no matter what you do. Byrdie is told that a strong core will help you stand straighter, and keep your trunk stable as you exercise or go about your day. A weak core can instantly increase your risk of injury, lower back pain, poor posture, and muscle strain.

It Protects Your Organs

Pachnos says that organs are an essential part of the body’s function. A strong core can help protect some of them. Your abdominal wall acts as a shield from the outside, protecting organs such as your liver, spleen and kidneys. Your core is the strongest, protecting the tissue against external forces and damage.

It Makes Everyday Life Easier

Pachnos says that your core is the foundation of all moves you do. Pachnos says that a strong core makes it easier to perform everyday tasks like picking up things from the ground or standing for extended periods of time.

It Can Reduce or Prevent Pain

A strong core is another major benefit. Pachnos says it makes you feel happier overall. She explains that a strong core can make your life more enjoyable. It reduces pain, supports your lower back and strengthens your spine. Because a strong core can have ripple effects — better posture, balance, and moving with ease — that can help you avoid irritation.

Strong Core Boosts Your Power

A strong core is a good idea when it comes to exercising. Santiago says that your core is the engine of all your movements. Strengthening it can make it easier to perform athletic movements such as throwing a punch or swinging a bat or tennis racket, or lifting weights with greater power than usual.

Strong Core Supports Strength Training

Strength doesn’t only need to be in your core. Working the muscles all over your body can help improve your performance. Santiago says a strong core is the foundation for strength training. He explained that a strong core is essential for lifting more weight. Strong lifts require stability and core strength in order to perform with proper form.

Strong Core Helps You Age Well

Santiago says that core strength is essential for your entire life. It stabilizes your whole body and provides better balance and posture. This can all help to prevent falls and lower back pain and keep you mobile as we age.