October 5, 2021

Supersets in Strength Training.

Supersets are what you need if you are looking for ways to improve your workouts. You don’t need to do any new exercises if you feel like you are feeling stuck or unchallenged by your routine.

Supersets are a minor modification to strength training that allows you to accomplish more in a shorter time. in order to reduce the workout time and get a better outcome, you should focus more towards supersets. With the help of personal trainers, learn all about them.


  • For the WeStrive app, Mo Jamjoom is certified by NASM as a personal trainer.

What Are Supersets?

Supersets refer to the practice of doing back-to-back exercises with no breaks. 10 reps for a set and adding them to make it into a 20 rep exercise is what Becker explains. This allows for more value for money and Becker says supersets can be a better way to get more out of your set. It can also help increase the intensity of your workout.

What Are the Types of Supersets?

Although the idea of skipping rest between exercises is the same regardless of the type of superset, there are many variations. Your workout will determine which superset you choose.

Same Muscles Superset

A superset of the same muscles will include two exercises that target one muscle group. Jamjoom states that a muscle superset can strengthen the same muscles with two different exercises that target different parts of the muscle. Jamjoom gives an example of a muscle superset that includes a chest press followed immediately by an incline-chest press. Becker explains that the superset is back to back without any pause just like an incline-chest press. “Usually you do the hardest exercise first and then the next one with the same weight.” Becker says that this allows for increased muscle endurance as you can do 20 reps of two different variations instead of 12-15 reps for a single exercise.

Opposing Muscles Superset

A muscle superset is a set of exercises that targets one muscle group. However, an opposing set allows you to do two exercises using completely different muscle groups. Jamjoom offers an example of Jamjoom’s exercise: a biceps curl followed by a triceps extension. He says that the exercises are opposite in movement because the biceps curl is flexion of an arm and the triceps extensions is extension of an arm. Jamjoom notes that these exercises can be combined to train opposing muscles, and also rest a muscle while it is working.

Supporting Muscles Superset

This superset focuses on the interworking of muscles. You can come up with a supporting muscle superset by combining secondary and primary muscle exercises. Jamjoom recommends tricep dips and incline pushups as a way to accomplish this type of superset. Jamjoom explains that both muscles are involved in every movement. The chest is the primary muscle for pushups, while the triceps and triceps assist in the movement. The triceps and chest are primary muscles for triceps dips. This is because the “benefits of this include maintaining tension in both muscle groups during both exercises with different intensities.”

Explosive Superset

Same muscle groups are used to create an explosive superset.

However, one exercise is focused on explosive power and the other on weight. Becker explains that this can be illustrated by doing a series of high-weight, low-repetition squats and then ten box jumps. This superset allows you to get both heavyweight and quick reps, he says. You can move heavy objects and then move the same muscle as quickly as possible, which increases your energy output.

Balance Endurance Superset

The final superset uses the same muscle groups to perform two exercises. One is for balance. Becker suggests that one perform a stable exercise, then follow it with a balance exercise using the exact same muscle group such as bench press and medicine ball push-ups. Why is this important? He claims that by challenging your proprioception once your muscles have tired from the first portion of the superset you can really learn how to control body weight in that movement.

Benefits of Supersets

Supersets can enhance your fitness without any additional effort. Supersets are more about strengthening your strength training than adding any new features to your workout routine. Jamjoom says that supersets are time-saving and help build muscle endurance. They also allow you to adapt to activating different muscle groups within a set.

According to Becker, ” go beyond a standard strength training exercise and add strength endurance and metabolic conditioning to the workout”. A cardio exercise is one that exceeds the limit of 45 seconds and same goes for a superset exceeding the limit of 45 seconds. This will also carry over into other cardio exercises like running or swimming.

Who Should Avoid Supersets

Beginners should avoid training with supersets. Jamjoom states that anyone who is prone to injury should avoid them. The quick changes between exercises and the lack of downtime can increase injury risk. Becker says that these exercises can cause your heart rate to rise for longer periods of time than it should. Becker suggests being confident and secure in the weight that you can lift before you attempt supersets.

The Takeaway

Supersets can be a great way to get past plateaus in your workouts. These are the act of performing two exercises at once, with no rest between. There are nearly a dozen types of supersets. They focus on the muscles and how they are used. Accident-prone, beginners or someone with a weak cardio foundation must avoid supersets. If you are a seasoned enough trainer to try supersets, this information should be sufficient to help you improve your workout.