October 5, 2021

KETO MEAL-The Best Keto Food Delivery Services.

Keto, which is one of the most in-demand diet schedule for which Independently, our editors research, test and recommend the best products. We ensure your keto meal is always up to mark. You can read more about our review process here. Purchases made through our links may result in us receiving commissions.

Are you ready to join the ketogenic diet/ Keto meal bandwagon. It can be difficult to cut carbs for the first few weeks. But what is even more challenging is menu fatigue when you have to keep your daily carbs low. It’s time for you to outsource if you have consumed all of the greens and protein you can eat.

It’s easy to reach your macros and meet your carb goals with meal delivery services. There are many great options available that will allow you to take a break from cooking and heating depending on your level of comfort.

These are the top keto meal delivery options that will keep you on track.

Best Keto Meal Delivery Services of 2021

  • Overall: Factor
  • Ideal for Home Chefs: The Green Chef
  • Best Weight Loss Program: Diet-to Go
  • Fresh N Lean is the best for athletes
  • Best for the environment: Ketoned Bodies

Overall: Factor


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Why We Choose It: Factor provides chef-created keto meals and a dietician. Frozen food not your thing? Frozen food is not a problem. All meals from Factor are fresh.

What We Like

  • There are tons of options available, including soups and wellness shots as well as keto-friendly snacks.
  • Complimentary nutrition coaching
  • Weekly opportunity to modify menus
  • Plant-based options available

What we don’t like

  • There are many different levels of carbs in various plans so be careful when choosing your carb phase
  • Only in certain areas

Factor has a wide variety of options for low-carb diets. Chefs work with dieticians to create meals that are high-quality and full of flavor.

The Factor menu is updated weekly and offers more than just entrees. To go with the rotating menu of paleo, dairy-free and vegetarian options, you can also order soups and keto truffles. Recent options include Indian butter chicken, Peruvian Shrimp Bowls, and gingerbread spice pancakes.

Are you unsure what order to make? Every new user gets a 20-minute coaching session from a nutritionist to help them reach their goals. Freshly prepared unfroze items are also available.

The Factor plan starts with four meals per week at $15 each. Prices drop with volume and can go as low as $11 per meal when you order 18 meals per week. You can either choose your meals or let Factor pick for you based upon your past orders and preferences.

Best for Home Chefs: Green Chef Keto Meal

Green Chef

Why We Choose It: This service is for those who value fresh-cooked food. Green Chef has all the ingredients pre-prepared for you. Follow the recipe to make dinner in just 30 minutes.

What We Like

  • You can enjoy restaurant quality taste without having to do any prep
  • Sustainably-sourced, organic ingredients
  • There are many options and opportunities to improve your cooking skills.
  • Low carbon footprint and 100% carbon offset
  • Family-sized portions

What we don’t like

  • Only dinner options
  • Only four meals in largest box per week
  • Shipping fee, without coupon code.

Hello Fresh’s subsidiary, Green Chef, brings together all the best aspects of meal delivery services, but narrows down to cater to your specific dietary requirements. The cooking will be done by you, and each meal is fresh. Green Chef does all the cutting and choosing. He also offers many meal options, including Malaysian-spiced pork patties and stir-fried vegetables, honey citrus grilled chicken with sauteed green peppers, green beans and cabbages, as well as tilapia and mango salsa. Green Chef offers only dinner entrees. Breakfast will be your responsibility.

Green Chef’s keto meals can be ordered for two to four people depending on your preferences. Prices can vary depending on the available discount codes, but generally range between $7 and $13. There is usually a $9 shipping fee per box.

Weekly options change, so it’s easy for you to skip boxes if your schedule is a bit tight. You’ll also have your favorite recipes that you can use again with the service.

Best for Weight Loss Keto Meal: Diet-to-Go


Why We Choose It: Diet-to Go helps you eat right to help you lose weight.

What We Like

  • Keto-Carb30 averages 30 carbs per day
  • Keep things fresh with a rotating five-week meal plan
  • There are many guilty pleasure options for Keto-friendly Keto.

What we don’t like

  • It’s easier to customize meal plans than set meals
  • Shipping is more expensive than other services
  • There are only two plans available

If you want to control your portion sizes, Diet-to Go is the best choice. It offers many dietary options. However, the Keto-Carb30 plan will keep you on track with healthy portions and a limit of 30 carbs daily.

The menus of the company are appealing, with a variety of breakfast options. You can choose from a variety of dishes including spinach quiche and beef casserole. Diet-to Go is a unique delivery service that delivers comfort food favorites such as pizza and hamburgers, but keto-friendly. This is a great advantage, as satisfying your “normal food” cravings can be a major factor in your diet.

The cost of meals varies depending on which plan you choose, but it doesn’t include the $20 shipping fee. You can customize the program in a few ways, but the overall menu rotation of five weeks keeps it fresh for subscribers.

Best for Athletes: Fresh N Lean

Fresh N Lean

Why we chose it: Fresh N Lean offers a variety of plans, from vegan and protein+ to keto and even vegan. Fresh N Lean’s plans are based on the principle of “food as fuel”, which means that each meal is designed to provide maximum nutrition and still keep mouths happy.

What We Like

  • Clean eating principles are used to produce certified organic meals
  • There are many options to keep you busy and entertained.
  • Not frozen, but chilled
  • There are many options for bulk meals

What we don’t like

  • Limited breakfast options
  • No customization is possible if you use a meal plan

Fresh N Lean’s roster Keto meal of athletes is the reason why it is the first page that you see. This service is performance-based and is designed for people who live active lifestyles. It offers customized programs that are tailored to your goals, so you can bulk up or keep lean.

Fresh N Lean offers both a la carte and meal plans. You can choose from a variety of dishes including a bell pepper frittata, chicken parmesan with cage-free chicken, and cod with pesto. All meals are gluten free and contain proteins that have no added hormones or antibiotics.

Fresh N Lean also offers bulk options that are compatible with the keto diet. Bulk options can include precooked protein, vegetables, and whole grains that you can use to create your own custom menu.

Starter meals start at $9 per portion and go up from there.

Best for the Environment: Ketoned Bodies

Ketoned Bodies

Why We Choose It: Ketoned Bodies is a combination of healthy food and good for the environment.

What We Like

  • All recipes are keto-friendly
  • Regenerative agriculture uses earth-friendly processes
  • High-quality protein sources such as organic dairy, pasture-raised cows, and free-range eggs are used
  • It’s easy to change your box week-to-week

What we don’t like

  • There are not as many options available as for other services
  • The menus appear to be quite static
  • No snack options

There are many ways to avoid carbs. But Ketoned Bodies encompasses more than just a dietary philosophy. It also aims to ensure that its meals do not harm the environment. It shares this philosophy with all its partner farmers.

There are many delicious dishes to choose from, including ropa vieja with Spanish rice, creamy chicken piccata, and deconstructed pork eggroll bowl. Ready to heat and serve, meals are prepared and frozen in advance. You can go all out! You can go full beast mode by checking out the carnivore meal plan, which includes no vegetables and dishes such as short ribs with brown Butter.

Ketoned Bodies provides breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert options. Lunch and dinner are broken down according to protein source. The smallest plan includes 10 meals and costs $16. You can order 15, 21 or more meals to lower the price.

Final Verdict

Although it can be difficult to find enough variety for your keto diet, there are options that make this easier. Factor is our favourite delivery service for sheer variety and ease. Factor is a great option for keto living. It offers tons of options and lots of snacks and sweet treats. Fresh N Lean is our runner-up: It combines clean-eating principles with consistent keto methods to appeal to all levels of athletes. The ability to purchase bulk-prepped protein helps you live an active lifestyle and is a great way to save time when life gets in your way.

What Is the Keto Diet?

The keto diet is low-carb, high-fat, and high-protein diet. Your body will go into ketosis if it consumes 50g or less of carbohydrates. The keto diet recommends that most calories in a person’s day come from fats like butter, eggs and olive oil. This results in rapid weight loss. Keto is a fast and effective way to lose weight.

What Is a Best Delivery Service For It?

Deliveries of keto meals are made with the right ratio of carbs and fats. This will keep you in ketosis. The service may offer frozen or chilled meals that can be shipped or delivered directly to your home.

How Much Does The Delivery Services Cost?

Meals typically cost between $11 and $15 per portion, depending on how often they are delivered and how many meals you order. Promo codes are available for many programs that can help to reduce initial delivery costs.

How We Chose the Best Delivery Services

When choosing programs, we focused on how easy it was to stick with the keto diet. Each of our choices has keto options. This is in addition to “low-carb” options that can still be within the recommended fat-to-carb ratios. We looked at pricing consistency across services to ensure that you can customize your order and offer a wide range of dishes and cuisines to keep your meals fresh.