October 5, 2021

Aerobics Exercises – 5 of the Absolute Best ’80s

Aerobics Exercises in the most iconic sense were introduced in the 1980s, which we all loved. These days do not have to be forgotten. Even after all these years, some legitimately challenging and enjoyable exercises are still relevant.

We asked Sarah Grooms, NASM, CPT for her top picks to bring back the ’80s. Active stretching is a good way to start warming up. You can also try grapevines, stepping into place, and cross-body reach.

These moves are easy to learn and have low impact. These moves can be done in a very small area from your home. Just make sure that nothing is within reach of an arm or leg. This exercise will target your back, abs, obliques and arms.

You will need an exercise mat, as well as some hand weights. Optional: Hot pink spandex


  • Sarah Grooms, a NASM Certified Personal Trainee and PROnatal Pre/Postnatal Performance expert at Obe.

The Five Most Iconic Aerobics Exercises

  1. Oblique Knee Drive Ises
  2. Trices Press and Rotate
  3. Pile Squat and Curl
  4. Cross Body Crunch
  5. Kneeling Striaght Leg Pulse

Further Detail Into The Aerobics Exercises from the 80’s:

Oblique Knee Drive ises – Aerobics Exercises


Muscles used: back, legs, obliques and obliques.

  • Stand straight up with your legs together. Reach your arms up.
  • Keep your elbows straight and your right leg bent at your sides.
  • Reverse the motion and place your feet together. This is just one rep.
  • Continue for 16 repetitions.

Triceps Press and Rotate


Muscles: core, shoulders, triceps.

  • Start by standing slightly wider than your shoulders with light hand weights.
  • Your left hand (nonworking arms) should be held by your hip. Now, extend your right arm to the side and rotate your palm towards the sky.
  • Rotate your arm 180° so your palm faces the sky.
  • You can reverse the rotation and go back to where you started. This is only one rep.
  • Continue for 16 repetitions.

Plie Squat and Curl


Muscles used: glutes, inner and outer thighs, biceps.

  • Start by standing straight with your legs extended beyond your hips. Then, turn your toes to the side and place light hand weights on your feet.
  • Both weights should be held in your right hand.
  • Straighten your right arm and bend your legs to a plie squat. Knees should be over your toes. Hips should be under your shoulders.
  • To start, straighten your legs and curl the right arm back. This is one repetition.
  • You can do 16 reps total on each side.

Cross-Body Crunch


Muscles: Shoulders, core, and obliques.

  • Start by standing straight with your legs slightly wider than your hips and your arms outwards towards the sky. Your body should look something like “X”
  • Keep your legs straight and reach your right hand down to your left ankle. You can return to the beginning and then go back to the opposite side. This is only one rep.
  • Continue for 16 repetitions.

Kneeling Straight Leg Pulse


Muscles work: glutes, core.

  • Place your left leg straight ahead, with your right leg extended behind you, and place your forearm and left knee on the tabletop.
  • To start, raise the left leg 2 inches above the hips. This is one repetition.
  • Continue for 32 total reps.

Following these 5 basic Aerobics Exercises and making them a part of your life will surely take you back to the iconic times of the 1980s