October 8, 2021

7 Drinks to Help Replenish After a Workout

Regular exercise can help you build strength and boost your mood. However, intense workouts can cause you to run low on nutrients or water, which can lead to fatigue, weakness, and even depression. Lauren Minchen, MPH is a registered dietitian and nutrition consultant for AI-driven visual diary app Freshbit. Here, she enlightens about the best drinks for boosting energy.

There are many options for after-workout beverages to replenish your energy levels after a hard workout. Byrdie spoke to dietitians in order to help her choose the right drink for after-workout.


  • Diana Savani, RD and LDN is a registered dietitian at Vita Coco.
  • Lauren Minchen is a registered dietitian for Freshbit, an AI-driven visual diary app.


Are you feeling tired or thirsty after a workout? Minchen says water, even though it sounds obvious, is the best way to replenish your body. Byrdie is told that water is essential for every cell, tissue, organ, and cell in the body. After a hard workout, our bodies draw water from food and fluids.

Electrolyte Drinks

Your body requires electrolytes to function properly. These minerals include sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Minchen says that intense exercise and all that sweating can drain your body of these nutrients. This can lead to electrolyte imbalances that can make you feel dehydrated and run-down. What’s the solution? You can restore your balance by drinking electrolyte-packed beverages. Minchen recommends that you stick to low-sugar options to rehydrate the most effectively, but sports drinks are a common choice.

Coconut Water Drinks

Do you love water, but would like to try something new? Coconut water is a great alternative to water, suggests Diana Savani, RD LDN, a Vita Coco registered dietitian and nutritionist. Coconut water is a natural source for electrolytes such as potassium, sodium and magnesium. It can also be used to replenish minerals lost after a hard workout. Coconut water also contains natural sugars that Savani claims can help you regain energy after a hard workout.

Unsweetened Decaf Tea Drinks

Water is boring enough, but sports drinks too boring. Instead, try a refreshing glass of tea after a workout. Minchin says that the antioxidant-rich tea can support hydration and muscle recovery as well as overall health. Minchin recommends decaf, fruit-flavored, chamomile and ginger teas. She emphasizes that you should choose a decaf variety. Caffeine can lead to further dehydration. This is not what you want after a hard workout.

Chocolate Milk

Although a glass chocolate milk may remind you of the school lunchroom, it is also a great way for your body to recover after a hard workout. Byrdie is told that chocolate milk is a great nutrition source for refueling after exercise. It contains all the necessary components to post-workout fuel, including carbohydrates, proteins, fluids and electrolytes. These nutrients can restore energy and provide nourishment to your body, helping to repair and reenergize muscles that have been stressed by exertion.

Vegetable Juice

Vegetables provide essential nutrients to keep your body healthy and functioning at its best. Why not use green juice after exercise to replenish your energy levels? Minchen says that juices containing leafy greens and carrots as well as other vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, including electrolytes, and antioxidants to aid muscle recovery and rehydration after exercise.


Are you not feeling a all-vegetable drink? Savani suggests adding some fruit to the mix. Savani suggests combining your favorite fruits and veggies with the liquid and protein source you prefer, such as coconut water, almond milk or Greek yogurt. This will create the smoothie of your dreams. She says this is a great option for those who tend to feel hungry after a workout. Plant-based smoothies are rich in nutrients that will replenish your body and help you feel full without having to cook a meal. The bonus? It’s delicious.