October 8, 2021

5 Unexpected (And Delicious) Ways to Stay Hydrated During the Summer

The temperatures are rising, sandals have taken over, and we are responsible for applying sunscreen every few hours. Yes, it’s officially summer. However, sunscreen application is not the only thing that we should be concerned about right now. Staying hydrated is also important.

It is important to stay hydrated. Up to 60% of our bodies are made of water. However, some people love water and others hate it. We consulted experts to find the best non-boring tips for hydration. These are five tips to keep hydrated this summer, beyond refilling your Brita cup.


  • Katie Cavuto, RD, is a registered dietitian who also serves as executive corporate chef at Saladworks.
  • Maya Feller MS, RD and CDN, is a registered dietitian nutritionist. She is owned by Maya Feller Nutrition, Brooklyn.
  • Dr. Nancy Lin is a holistic nutritionist and health researcher, as well as a wellness coach and international health educator.

Drink Low-Alcohol or Non-Alcoholic Beer

The diuretic effect of alcohol is well-known. It can dehydrate you. Although it is unlikely that a doctor would recommend a low-alcohol, non-alcoholic beer over a glass water, there are some studies that show that it may help with hydration.

Katie Cavuto, executive corporate chef at Saladworks and RD, says that there is evidence that non-alcoholic or low-alcohol beer can positively impact hydration. “Plus, non-alcoholic or low-alcohol beer’s sodium can help replenish electrolytes. Water is best. Keeping your water bottle full is the best way for you to stay hydrated.

Add Electrolytes for staying Hydrated

The body needs electrolytes to absorb water. Electrolytes are essential for the body’s ability to absorb water. Maya Feller, MS., RD. CDN, Brooklyn-based Maya Feller Nutrition, says, “I like Now Foods Effer-Hydrate Tablets.” They are rich in electrolytes such as potassium, sodium and magnesium that can help our bodies absorb water.

Make Your Water Taste Better – Stay Hydrated

You can make water more appealing by dressing it up. Feller suggests adding fresh or dried herbs to your ice cubes to make them more flavorful. Feller says that herbs are great flavor boosters and add nutrients to the water. Basil, parsley and dill are all refreshing.

A quality filter may be all you need to enjoy water. Feller says, “I love the smooth and delicious flavor of water from my Berkey filters.” It delivers crisp, filtered water. These countertop filters also remove more than 200 contaminants including viruses and bacteria. This ensures that your water is safe and tastes great.

Drink Room Temperature Water in the Morning

Ice-cold water is not as refreshing as it sounds. It takes longer to absorb it. Make it a habit of drinking a glass room temperature water every morning when you wake up. Cavuto says to start with warm water. Warm or room-temperature water is more hydrating that its ice-cold counterpart.

Prioritize Hydrated Foods

Hydration is not limited to water. Many of the best hydrating foods are available in summer. Dr. Nancy Lin, Ph.D., XPRO for YogaSix GO, says that zucchini, squashes and cucumbers have high water content. These vegetables make summer easy, especially when used in cool, spiralized noodles. You can add pesto, olive oil, and aged balsamic vinegar to chill spiralized salads.

Another great option is summer soups. Dr. Lin explains that gazpachos are cold soups that are made from blending raw or lightly-cooked vegetables. These soups are refreshing and filling and allow the body to hydrate in an easy and healthy way.

Cavuto suggests eating fresh vegetables for added hydration. She suggests snacking on bell-peppers and celery along with some chips. Tzatziki, which is made with cucumbers and lemon (another water-dense food), makes a refreshing summer dip. You can also flavor your hummus using seasonal ingredients such as roasted tomatoes and peppers.

It doesn’t have be boring. You’ll enjoy your summer more if you don’t feel dehydrated. When you are stocking up on electrolytes for the next beach day or barbecue, grab some electrolyte pills and maybe a low-alcohol beer to help with hydration.