October 5, 2021

Dance Workout – 305 Fitness: Everything to Know About

A 305 Fitness class such as a dance workout is a great way to get your workout on, if you love dancing to the beats of your favorite electronic DJ. The 305 Fitness workout system was founded in 2012 by an enthusiast in the club scene and has since been adopted worldwide by investors that include Tiesto, the international mega-DJ. The studios are available online or in person in almost every major city.


  • Jenn Hicks, a New York City-based instructor with 305 Fitness is Jenn.

What Is 305 Fitness?

Jenn Hicks is an instructor at 305 Fitness. She explains that 305 Fitness has more to it than just a fitness class. Classes combine dance cardio with high intensity interval training (HIIT), and toning to create a total body workout.

It feels more like a night out at a Miami club than an exercise class while doing a dance workout. There is a DJ playing the music and an instructor who collaborates throughout. Hicks says that even the instructor doesn’t know what the DJ is going to play next. Dance cardio is followed by a toning and strengthening session for the body, followed by HIIT moves, and a finale that focuses on dancing more.

Type of Class: Dance Workout Cardio with HIIT Intervals and Toning

305 Fitness is not a one-size fits all workout. It’s a three-part workout. The dance portion will provide major cardio benefits, as well as burning calories and fat. HIIT is a great way to build muscle and burn calories. Toning will help you tone up.

Best For: High-Calorie Burn

While there are many benefits to a 305 class you might be most motivated by the calorie burning. According to the 305 website you can burn as much as 500 calories in a 45-minute dance workout.

What to Expect During an X Class

Rachelle Maguire is a 305 Fitness Instructor. She explains that the class begins with a cardio warm up before moving into a follow-along choreographed segment. There are “Fiver favourites” which are the dance routines people love most, and they can be incorporated into multiple classes. Every class features a live DJ so “no two classes are ever the same.” After the initial dance party, there is a section that focuses on your body parts. Some classes may include equipment, while others will only focus on your body weight. Then it’s time to move and stretch. Each class of dance workout lasts between 30 and 45 minutes.

It is not uncommon to be intimidated by your first class, especially if it isn’t for an experienced dancer. However, you will soon get used to the routines. She promises that while you might see some new moves in your first 305 class they will quickly become familiar and you’ll be able to do them in no time.

Benefits of a 305 Dance Workout Fitness Class

  • Weight loss: 305 is a combination of cardio, HIIT and strength-building exercises. Hicks says weight loss is possible. She says that 305 is not a brand that promotes calorie counting or weight loss. However, she claims that she lost 20 pounds after attending 305 classes four times per week and not changing her diet. According to one study, HIIT can burn 25-30% more calories than weight training, running and biking.
  • Improved Quality of Living: A 2020 study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health revealed that dancing classes can improve your overall quality of living. This includes everything from physical, mental and social health to vitality.
  • Toning and Strengthening – 305 allows for sufficient time to do toning exercises. The workouts can also help strengthen your core, glutes, and upper body.
  • A Sense Of Community: 305 Fitness promotes a sense of community, acceptance and acceptance. Many of its devotees love the “movement” aspect of 305. Maguire says that 305 is “a vortex full of amazing, creative, and good-hearted people. You’ll make lifelong friends.”
  • Confidence Boosting: At 305 Fitness, we believe in empowering people through fitness. This can help increase confidence and improve mental health. That feeling is something that you carry with you beyond the studio walls. Maguire says that it is not about where you want, but celebrating where you are right now.
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health: Dancing can be a great way to exercise. In a June 2016 American Journal of Preventive Medicine study, moderate-intensity dancing was found to have more cardio health benefits than walking and reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

Safety/Injury Considerations

The 305 class is both a high-impact and HIIT workout, which each have their own safety concerns. You can alter the workout. Maguire suggests Maguire: “Talk to your instructor at the beginning to flag any limitations and we’ll figure out the best way to move.”

At-Home vs. In-Studio

305 Fitness can be done in a studio setting, outside, or in your home with 305 At Home. Maguire explained that At-Home and Instudio have the same movements, DJs, and instructors as the studios, but the song selection is different. New subscribers get seven days free. A subscription costs $29 per month after the free trial period. They offer discounted pricing of $14.50 per monthly if this is not feasible for the reasons they list on their website.

In-Studio is a great way to build community because you are surrounded by peers. Pricing varies depending on where you are located. Classes cost anywhere from $20 to $34. They do offer package options which make each class more affordable.

305 Dance Workout vs. Zumba

In terms of cardiovascular benefits, Zumba, the original Latin-inspired dance routine, has been around for decades. The biggest difference is that Zumba emphasizes cardio while 305 incorporates toning, HIIT, and toning.

What to Wear to a 305 Fitness Class

You can wear what you like and still be able to move freely in a class of 305. Maguire suggests that class requires you to wear comfortable shoes and feel confident in your outfit.

The Takeaway

305 Fitness is an excellent workout that will increase your fitness and allow you to explore your self-expression, confidence and health. Maguire reminds us that while you do burn calories, you can also tune in to what makes you beautiful and attractive.